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Elizabeth Robson

Board Member

I joined the NCRMC in 2022. I own a 2016 Competition Orange, convertible, Mustang Ecoboost 2.3L turbo. (Her name is Ginger.) I'm excited to join the NCRMC board and help get the club to it's next level of engagement with the DMV Mustang community!

I live in Leesburg, VA with my husband, daughter, cat and 2 crazy coonhounds. I've worked at Cisco Systems, Inc for almost 14 years in various Sales Operations roles.

I fell in love with Mustangs when I was a kid. My mom used to give a heartfelt sigh every time we saw a cherry red 1965 Mustang convertible. She absolutely ADORED Mustangs and told me those story about how, despite my grandfather working at the Ford Motor Corp plant in Chesapeake, VA for 40 years, he never let her get a Mustang. Then she got married, had kids and a Mustang was just never in the budget (and by the time they were in the budget, she didn't like the modern ones, lol.) So, I guess it's those early years of my mom waxing poetic over how gorgeous Mustangs were that really cemented my love for a car that is just as much a work of art, as it is a automobile.

My goal is to one day restore a '69 Mach 1. Budget and time are always inhibitors, so it may be a while until both can accommodate that kind of project. Until then, I'll continue to have fun with Ginger!


Elizabeth Robson
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